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Building Craft College


The aim of this session is to minimise the risks involved in the handling of art works and objects

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2024年3月15日 10:00 – 16:00

Building Craft College, Kennard Rd, London E15 1AH, UK


Date: 15 March 2024

Time: 10am to 4pm

Location: Building Crafts College, Kennard Rd, London E15 1A.

Equipment required: knife able to cut thick cardboard eg. Stanley knife, pencil, tape measure, notepad/paper

Cost: £175

Facilitators: Sarah Titheridge & Phil Wilson-Perkin

In this session we will learn how to minimise the risks involved in the packaging of art works and objects.

A properly packed container, whether it is made of paper, cardboard, plastic, or wood, is critical to ensure artwork or objects inside the container arrive safely to their destination or stay safe and stable in storage. It is also critical that the packaging in no way changes the materiality of the artwork or object. Improper packing can cause an object to be damaged or destroyed by using the incorrect materials against their surfaces or has not been substantial or secure enough to eliminate movement in transit.

In this session you will learn how to to Identify the appropriate materials to use to safely and securely pack art and objects for storage & transport and will put this into practice by packing artworks in the following:

- soft pack - packing a 2D artwork in tissue, polythene and corner supports

- card wrap - custom made cardboard container around a soft pack

- crates - different types, their different uses and how to pack them

- travel frames - how they are made and how to pack artwork in them.

Art Technical work is predominately physical in its nature therefore if you have physical constraints which mean you struggle with physical activities please discuss this with the course leaders prior to booking to ensure we can accommodate you.

Please RSVP and we will let you know when your can book a place on the training daywhen the tickets go live.


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