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We offer professional training to organisations to develop the skills and knowledge of your team, your colleagues, and your clients because the handling of works of art and valuable, fragile and unique objects, requires a specialist approach, with careful planning, proper resources and a lot of training and experience.


We know each organisation is different, and so we work with you to identify your specific needs and custom design bespoke learning solutions to meet them.

Our highly experienced team of facilitators have decades of industry experience and delivered learning to a wide range of organisations, from museums and galleries to shipping and handling companies to artist studios and educational institutions.

Training Format

Our aim is to give people the skills and knowledge to safely and confidently work with art and artefacts. And we will work with you and your organisation to design a programme of learning that meets the needs of your organisation.


Our highly skilled facilitators deliver comprehensive training that covers all aspects of industry best practice. We use a combination of classroom learning and hands on work to ensure that our learners are both grounded in theory and able to put their learning into practice.


Depending on your needs, we can deliver short 4-hour introductory sessions all the way up to 11-week intensive training courses. The course length, content and format will flex to meet the needs of your employees and organisation.

Typical training programmes we run focus on basic handling, artwork installation, condition reporting, and packing and moving artwork. Attendees should expect to learn:

- Confident, accurate, and safe handling techniques

- Comprehensive packing and protection methods

- Effective storage practices

- Precise installation procedures

- Transport and logistics

- In-depth knowledge of materials and media, and their appropriate handling

- Condition checking and reporting for artworks and objects

- Introduction to health and safety processes, such as risk assessments and method statements

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Proven Track Record

Our facilitators are experienced art technicians and project managers with over two decades of industry experience. They have successfully run training programs across a diverse range of organisations and learner needs.


As well as delivering engaging learning that meets the needs of organisations, their programmes have resulted in increased employability and professional success for learners.


Examples include:

1-hour intro sessions on artistic professional practice at educational institutions like Ruskin School of Art and Bournemouth University,


1-day introductory sessions on various topics for a diverse group of art professionals, tailored programs for commercial companies,

Comprehensive 3 to 11-week programs in East Midlands and Coventry University, respectively. Since 2021, our yearly training program through Coventry University has seen 90% of learners securing paid art technical employment post-completion.

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